The Influence of Mailer Boxes on Customers- What Influences Them

A lot of companies have started to use custom mailer boxes with logo as a way to send their products. That is because they are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than regular packaging. However, not many people know how these packages can influence the customers when it comes time to make a purchase decision. That is why in this blog post, we will be discussing some of the ways that your package design can impact the customer experience and lead them towards making a purchase.

Have you ever wondered why some packages are more successful than others? One of the reasons is that they have a mailer box that will influence customers. Mailers can be designed in many different ways, and there are many factors that go into designing them, such as material, size, shape, and color. This blog post discusses how packaging experts design mailer boxes to influence your customer.

What kind of packaging boxes are you using to send your products? If you’re still using the old-fashioned brown paper bag, it’s time for an upgrade. The type of mailer box that you use can influence how customers feel about what product they purchase from your store. Let’s take a look at some different types of mailer boxes and see how they can affect your customer base.


First, let’s take a look at the least expensive custom box printer packaging that you can use to ship your products. The brown paper bag is very inexpensive, and it does show up well on all types of cameras because of its contrast against other items in an image. However, this type of packaging boxes is not good for shipping heavy or fragile items. If something accidentally falls onto them, they’ll crumble, which won’t make customers happy. This will cause them to question how much care was taken with their order. If the mailer boxes were damaged during transit, then there might be some concerns about how other aspects of their purchase were handled as well.

Now that we’ve discussed why using cheap corrugated cardboard isn’t ideal, let’s talk about one way these boxes can influence customers. When a customer receives an order, and it’s packaged in mailer boxes, they’re going to assume that the company cares about them enough to send their items carefully. If you package your item poorly, then it seems like you don’t care as much, which will make people less likely to purchase from your store again.

Another way these shipping materials can influence buyers is by how attractive they are when they buy his or her hands on them for the first time. Now, I know we’ve already established that what matters most is how well made this product is, but if someone isn’t pleased with how it looks initially, then there’s a good chance he or she won’t try using it, after all, even it functions perfectly fine because of how unappealing it is.


The next thing I want to discuss is the price of these packaging boxes and how they can influence your customers as well. If you charge a lot for shipping or if you don’t offer free shipping at all, then people will be less likely to buy from your store again since there are plenty of other stores that offer better prices. Now, this isn’t always true because some buyers actually end up buying more than one item when their first choice becomes too expensive, but most times, it’s best not to spend over what someone else is willing to spend on something like this, which means offering competitive rates with other online retailers should definitely matter in terms of keeping them, loyal customers.

Keeping my point about quality in mind, we can say that one of the most important factors is also what’s inside. This isn’t always the case, but people looking at buying something online need to know how well their product will be protected during shipping.

So, what are some things that companies can do to make sure their mailer boxes don’t turn away customers? Here’s a list of some ways:

– Make it easy for people to open – Avoid strong odors like those coming from glue or tape as this might put people off. Plus, if they smell too strongly and something is wrong with your product inside, then we’ll know immediately before even opening it up, which could also be bad news bears.

– Keep them looking professional

– Even though most consumers probably won’t care about how attractive the outside looks (especially given that many will end up throwing away), this area should never be overlooked because first impressions matter.

If someone receives an unmarked envelope, they’re going to assume it’s junk mail.

– Make them tough – Even though the product inside is probably very well sealed and protected, there are still plenty of people who will throw around your package like a frisbee. If you want something that looks nice but stands up to some abuse, gives it rubber or plastic corner protectors. You can even include an extra sheet on top with detailed information about how long someone has until their food expires (although this might scare customers away).

– Optimize for size/weight if necessary – Although most boxes designed today have fixed dimensions, we’ll often use air pillows as filler in larger spaces so that our packages both fit more easily into trucks and require less space.

– Consider a reusable box – If you’re sending something that’s going to get used again and again, it might be worth considering using a sturdier or more visually appealing option. Even though these boxes cost slightly more initially, they’ll protect your product better over time while also helping you stand out from the competition. In some cases, this will even reduce damage rates if people are less likely to throw them around!

– Use good packing materials regardless of the type of mailer box – This means not just strong corrugate but bubble or air pillows, closed-cell foam (if necessary), and poly bags for small items like foodstuffs in case there is spillage during transit. As designers, we can help educate clients about this.

– If there is no unique shape or design, it may make sense to go with a white corrugate mailer box as they are typically less expensive than specialty boxes. White also makes customizable printing on these boxes much easier.


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