How Tradologie Eliminates the Hassle of Buying Sugar Online

For all their convenience, however, sugar online marketplaces have one major drawback – they don’t offer buyers the option to negotiate or haggle over prices. In fact, many buyers have been left feeling shortchanged by online sellers because they are not able to negotiate even the slightest of discounts on products. This can be a significant problem for buyers who want to make bulk purchases, but are unable to get discounts for the same.

Thankfully, a new type of digital platform has emerged in India that not only facilitates easy and secure transactions between buyers and sellers, but also allows buyers to negotiate directly with sellers.

Tradologie is a one-of-a-kind digital platform that not only connects sellers with potential buyers from all over the country and across the globe, but also provides them the opportunity to negotiate prices

India is the second-largest sugar producer in the world and accounts for nearly 30% of annual world sugar consumption. The country is self-sufficient in the production of sugar, but there are still some regions which are dependent on imported sugar.

The Indian consumers want a variety of products, but they don’t want to compromise on quality. In addition to this, they also don’t want to go over their budget and pay higher prices.

Tradologie offers an online marketplace that helps exporters and importers connect with each other to trade in bulk commodities. This has eliminated the hassle of buying sugar online and all you need to do is register your company on Tradologie.

What makes Tradologie the ideal place to buy sugar online?

Find Sugar From Different Vendors

On this online marketplace, you’ll find vendors from all over the world selling their products at reasonable prices. Buyers can compare products from different vendors before making a decision. The website also provides quality assurance to ensure that only trusted sellers are featured on the site.

Choose Your Own Packaging

Buying sugar online can have its challenges – mainly because you cannot see or touch the product before paying for it. However, Tradologie has taken away this challenge by allowing buyers to order their sugar in any packaging they want. Buyers can choose the size of the bag.

Get Sugar Directly From Top Sellers

Tradologie offers sugar directly from the top sellers in India and across the world. This ensures the affordable sugar pricing and no extra money spent on middlemans. The platform has 100% verified ready-to-sell sellers from all over the world as well as 100% verified buyers from all around the world. It has 50,000+ sellers and 500,000+ buyers.

Buy Sugar Online Through Tradologie

Tradologie is India’s leading B2B platform to buy sugar online. Tradologie offers the best quality sugar at the best price. You can avail of an attractive offer on sugar when you buy from Tradologie.

You can buy sugar in bulk from Tradologie at the lowest possible price. Tradologie also offers a wide range of payment options for customers to ensure that they have a hassle-free experience when buying sugar online from Tradologie

Benefits Of Buying Sugar Online Through Tradologie

Sugar is a natural sweetener that is used in making dishes, drinks and desserts. Being an essential ingredient in food items, sugar is always in demand. Tradologie serves as the largest online trading platform for the sugar industry where you can find the best sugar price from all over the world.

Here are some benefits of buying sugar online through Tradologie:

1. Find manufacturers from all over the world

2. Finds high-quality sugar at competitive rates

3. Easy to access and convenient to use

4. Saves time and money

5. Easy payment options available

Sugar Export From India

India is the second largest sugar producer in the world. In the current season 2019-20, sugar production across the country till January 2020 is estimated at 28 million tonnes (mt).

India has been exporting sugar since 2004-05. During the last 15 years, India has exported sugar of around 61 mt. The export volume was highest at 9.5 mt in 2015-16 and lowest at 1.3 mt in 2013-14.

The Government of India allows export sugar of white/raw sugar under Open General License (OGL) subject to a quota of 11 lakh tonnes for 2019-20 season and 6 lakh tonnes for 2018-19 season, based on the recommendations of Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP).

Sugar export from India is mainly to Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Sugar Importing Countries From India

India is considered as one of the major exporters of sugar and it accounts for approximately 5% of total global production. India being the second largest producer of sugar in the world, Indian sugar companies are extremely competent to meet up with the demand in the international market.

The countries that import sugar from India are:

1. Afghanistan

2. Bangladesh

3. Dubai

4. Malaysia

5. Sri Lanka

6. Singapore

7. Mauritius

Sugar Production In India

Sugar production in India is dominated by a few large corporate companies, like Bajaj Hindusthan, Balrampur Chini Mills, Dalmia Bharat Sugar & Industries and EID Parry. Together, these companies own about half of the sugar mills in the country.

The government has allowed private players to enter this industry since it was deregulated in 1991. The government also gives subsidies to growers for power and seeds. This industry consists of both public and private enterprises. Public sector undertakings are controlled by the State Governments.

India’s first commercial sugarcane plantation and factory were established in 1969 by Pabrai Investment Fund 3 at Nanded, Maharashtra (now known as Bajaj Hindustan). Large-scale production began only after the invention of a cane-crushing mill by an Andhra Pradesh engineer named Nagarjuna Sagar Dam in 1927. By that time, many small factories started coming up across India. These small factories were controlled by private enterprise as well as public sector enterprises, which were controlled by the state governments.

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