Cubetaxi’s Gojek Clone App Is The Business Solution You Need Today

White-labeled solutions are empowering entrepreneurs to build and launch their dream apps! The app is nothing but the world’s most loved Gojek clone app. These white-labeled solutions let the entrepreneur launch the app in just 1 – 2 weeks. One of the best sellers of such solutions is Cubetaxi. Cubetaxi is a world-renowned pre-built app developer who has already launched more than a thousand apps! So, if you want to give your customers access to 70+ on-demand services with a few taps, rebrand Cubetaxi’s base app and launch it on Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and even Huawei App Store.


There is more than just a single reason why people prefer Cubetaxi over any other app development company. Do you want to know them?

  1. It’s a super app

It’s a super app because it gives users access to 70+ on-demand services right from booking a moto ride to hiring a tutor for their kid and even getting their car washed! This app is developed keeping in mind the market trends, features, and high-demand services! Cubetaxi has made this app using a robust, simple, elegant, and the most powerful technology stack available. These are a few top-ranking players of the tech stack Cubetaxi uses:

  • MySQL

  • Node.js

  • Swift

  • PHP

  • SocketCluster

  1. Easy and quick profit earning

With Cubetaxi’s Gojek clone app, the entrepreneurs are bound to become the fastest billionaire in the world! How? The entrepreneurs will earn a commission on every order and service that gets rendered through the app. These commissions are a certain percentage of the income generated by the service providers on every service they accept and complete. Since the app owner is the sole decision-maker of the commission rate, they have the freedom to earn more!

If the app follows a membership subscription plan-based model, then the entrepreneur will earn revenue every time a service provider purchases or renews the plan. In short, in this business model, the provider doesn’t have to pay commissions!

  1. Even less investment reaps solid returns

Everyone loves a business idea that involves less investment and in return offers plentiful profits. But, why does it have a low investment cost? Well, it is because Cubetaxi’s Gojek clone is a pre-built solution, that is, the entrepreneur doesn’t have to build it from scratch! Such a business solution involves only a fraction of the cost involved in building a super app from the ground up!


To sum up, the reasons to choose Cubetaxi’s Gojek clone app, here are a few pointers you might like to read:

  • There are multiple ways to make more profits and generate revenue with the app. Besides earning from commission and membership subscription plans, the entrepreneur also earns from third-party ads.

  • If you already have a multi-service business then opting for this app will give you the reason to expand your business! You can move from operating locally to scaling to a global audience.

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a perfect solution for your business that’s affordable at the same time, then trust me, you need to get this app today.

  • Its latest and market-trending features make it easy for the users to log into the app and book the services of their choice within a matter of minutes!


Own an app that offers your customers more than 70 on-demand services to fulfill their needs. Cubetaxi’s Gojek clone is the world’s best on-demand app because not only its loading speed is quick and has appealing visuals, but it also lets the entrepreneur rake in millions!

So, get the app today and be your own boss!

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